Eco Wintergreen Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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Wintergreen has a camphorous, herbal aroma that is slightly sweet, reminiscent of herbal liniments for sore muscles and aching joints. Although not commonly used in aromatherapy, Wintergreen essential oil has traditionally been used for arthritis and muscular pain, thought to be of benefit by decreasing inflammation but it must be used with caution. 

Note: This product comes unboxed.

Botanical name: Gaultheria procumbens leaf oil

Massage: Use a maximum of 2.5% dilution; no more than 15 drops per 30ml carrier oil. Wintergreen is suited to topical application for small areas and not in a full body massage.

Wintergreen is not to be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding mothers, children under 12 or for those taking blood thinning medication. 
A potential risk of bruising if used by those taking NSAID’s and steroids. 
Potentially toxic in large doses and not to be taken internally. 
Keep out of reach of children.
Consult with a healthcare professional before use

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