Eco Vetiver Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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Vetiver helps us to connect back to the earth and receive emotional healing and guidance. An extremely relaxing oil that may be useful to treat insomnia and may support us during times of lowered immunity due to overactivity.

  • May benefit the immune and circulatory systems.
  • May decongest and strengthen the digestive system.
  • May support a regular menstrual cycle and improve hormone related issues during menopause.
  • May be helpful to treat skin infections such as acne.
  • May brighten tired and dull skin.

Diffuser: Add 6-8 drops of Vetiver essential oil to a diffuser.
Quick fix: A few deep inhalations from the bottle can help when you are at work, in the car or anytime you need a quick break.
Bath: Add 2-3 drops, in a dispersant such as oil, to the bath to create a relaxing atmosphere while nourishing your skin.
Massage: Use a 2.5% dilution; 50 drops in 100ml carrier oil.
Face massage: Add 1 drop in 5mls carrier oil.
Hand or foot bath: Add 2 drops of Vetiver to a bowl of water. For treatment of general skin infection consider using warm water.
Steam treatment (for face): Add 2 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming hot water. Place your face close to the bowl and cover the back of your head and bowl with a towel to trap the aromatic vapours. Caution due to risk of burns or scalding and keep eyes covered during treatment.

Blends well with: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram, Patchouli, Black Pepper.

Do not ingest
Avoid during pregnancy
Keep out of reach of children
Consult with a healthcare professional before use

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