Eco Blue Cypress Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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A treasure from the northern region of Australia, Blue Cypress has a lovely grounding aroma. A relatively new essential oil, much of our information comes from the wisdom of our First Nations people who have used this plant for thousands of years. Traditionally, Blue Cypress was used for respiratory, digestive and muscular complaints and was burnt to keep flying insects away. Blue Cypress gets its lovely colour during the distillation process. It is thought that this distillation compound, guaiazulene, is responsible for the anti-inflammatory action of Blue Cypress.

Note: This product comes unboxed.

  • May help with muscular aches and pains.
  • May help treat respiratory complaints and blocked sinuses.
  • Soothing for skin irritation.

Diffuser: Add 6-8 drops of your chosen essential oil to a diffuser.
Bath: Add up to 5 drops, in a dispersant such as oil, to the bath to create a relaxing atmosphere while nourishing your skin.
Massage: Use a 2.5% dilution; up to 15 drops per 30ml of carrier oil for sore muscles.
Hand or foot bath: Add 2 drops to a bowl of water.
Compress: Add 2 drops of essential oil to a bowl of water. For treating inflammation or to cool down, use cold to room temperature water. For aching tight muscles use warm to hot water. Agitate a face washer in the water, wring out excess moisture and apply washer to the affected area. Repeat two or three times as the compress cools down or warms up.
Steam Treatment: Add 2 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming hot water. Place your face close to the bowl and cover the back of your head and bowl with a towel to trap the aromatic vapours. Caution due to risk of burns or scalding and keep eyes covered during treatment.

Blends well with: Rose, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Mandarin.

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